General Comment on Article 31

19 March 2013

This week, the UNCRC published a General Comment on Article 31 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, which includes children's right to play, leisure, recreation and cultural activities. A GC is a quasi-legal document that expands on specific articles or issues within the CRC and gives guidance to parties that have ratified it.

This GC has come about because of a campaign led by the International Play Association and partners, with financial support from the Bernard van Leer Foundation, that has consisted of the publication of an academic paper (written by Stuart Lester and Wendy Russell from University of Gloucestershire, School of Leisure) and consultations on barriers to play held in eight cities across the world. It outlines the importance of play in children's lives, recognises that modern life can create barriers to children's ability just to play out in their neighbourhoods and outlines governments' obligations to address this.

Download the General Comment on Article 31 here.

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