GIRL and CIO Update

27 October 2013


A new legal form for community organisations!  In January 2013, a new legal form for charitable organisations - the Charitable Incorporated Company, or CIO - was launched.  

Playwork Partnerships are thrilled to announce that our popular publication Getting It Right Legally 1 (GIRL 1) has been re-written and updated to include information about the CIO. 
This covers:

- An explanation of all the legal forms available to community organisations.

- An outline of the pros and cons of the CIO.

- A guide to setting up and registering a new charity

- Model constitutions for charitable companies and CIOs.

- An explanation of how unincorporated charities can convert to a charitable company or CIO form.

The new guide is available at £25 for hard copy or £18 download.  The team that has written GIRL can also
provide face-to-face training on how community organisations can take advantage of the various legal forms now open to charities. 

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