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13 January 2015

 JPP Press Release        

Press Release
Issued by Policy Press, University of Bristol

Journal of Playwork Practice: Second issue now out, including themed practitioner section on Adventure Playgrounds

Journal of Playwork Practice(JPP), published in association with Common Threads, is a new journal which aims to advance the study and practice of playwork practice.Journal of Playwork Practiceis the first academic journal in the playwork field and provides an international platform for the publication and dissemination of scholarship relevant to playwork practice, from contemporary and historical perspectives and from all aspects of theory, philosophy and policy.  The journal is available as a print journal with an online version.

The second issue has now been published and contains a themed practitioner section on adventure playgrounds including article and photo essay from 'The Land', an adventure playground in Wrexham, built on previously waste ground and furnished with 'junk': waste or recyclable items. This playground has been covered in The Guardian:

Issue 2 contains the following articles. The Editorial is free to read online:

Editorial Shelly Newstead


An enquiry into the development of creative imaginationSigne Juhl Møller, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Stepping back in School Age CareKevin Bell and Jennifer Cartmel, Griffith University, Australia

Factors influencing children's perceptions of choice within their free play activity: the impact of functional, structural and social affordancesPete King and Justine Howard, Swansea University, UK


Baltic Street: a child's community in adult societyAmica Dall, Glasgow, UK

Wednesday reflections from an adventure playgroundMorgan Leichter-Saxby, Ithaca Children's Garden, USA

What makes an award-winning adventure playground?Fiona Sutherland, London, UK

Imagine. Create. Build. An adventure in the forestDiane Mortenson and Paul West, Mercer Islands Parks & Recreation, USA

Adventure playgrounds and environmental modification … a beginner's guideLuke Sutton, The Land Adventure Playground, Wrexham, UK

Assessing risk in adventure playgroundsMartin van Rooijen, the Netherlands

Using social media to promote adventure playgroundsSimon Henderson, Family and Community Development, West Lothian, UK

An adventure playground for HalabjaJesse Milne, Halabja Community Playground Project, Northern Iraq


Professor Perry Else (1959-2014)

Marc Armitage, Australia


Off to The Land with Barbie Claire Griffiths, Wrexham, UK


The philosophy of play Emily Ryall, Wendy Russell and Malcolm Maclean

Great afterschool programs and spaces that WOW Linda J. Armstrong and Christine A. Schmidt

Adventure: The value of risk in children's play Joan Almon


Two issues ofJournal of Playwork Practicewere published in Volume 1 2014 and Issue 3 will be published in April 2015 with a practitioner themed section on playwork training

At the recent launch seminar for the journal, hosted by the Centre for Study of Play and Recreation at the University of Greenwich on 4th October 2014,  feedback from attendees included:

"Very much enjoyed thinking and listening to an inspiring board of professionals and practitioners. "
"Generally very important that playwork develops a stronger and broader theoretical basis and that playworkers are supported to engage with this, so both the journal and this event are much needed."
"This  is  an excellent opportunity for collaboration opportunities - Journal of Playwork Practice has an important role to play."



  1. Journal of Playwork Practice:
  • enables playwork practitioners to access empirical and conceptual research from a wide range of academic disciplines;
  • allows academics involved in research related to playwork practice to gain access to playwork literature and practitioners;
  • facilitates dialogue between researchers and practitioners;
  • encourages research into playwork practice from a broad range of disciplines and perspectives
  • promotes playwork practice as an interdisciplinary approach to working with children and young people in any setting.

Journal of Playwork Practiceis aimed at scholars from any discipline involved in research relevant to playwork practice, and at practitioners working with children in any setting who use playwork practice. Reduced subscription rates for individual subscribers are available to enable practitioners to gain access to academic literature. It is an invaluable resource for all students in the wider children and young people's workforce. For further information, please contact Kathryn King, Marketing Manager,  Policy Press tel: 0117 954 5952 email:

  1. Subscriptions are available in a variety of formats: print only, print and online combined, online only. To subscribe, contact Portland Customer Services, Charles Darwin House, 12 Roger Street, London WC1N 2JU. Tel: +44 (0) 20 7685 2444 email: for credit or debit card payments. Alternatively, visit, select the relevant format and pay using the secure online shopping cart.
  2. A 3 month online trial for libraries is available and can be signed up for here:
  3. Policy Press is a leading social science publisher based at the University of Bristol and is committed to publishing journals and books that make a difference. For more information see
  4. Common Threads has been developing playwork practice for over 20 years through tailor-made training and publications. For more information see
  5. Submissions to the journal for future issues are invited: please contact the editors in the first instance at 

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