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27 April 2015

Philosophy at Play Featured Article in ip-D!p number 251

The third biennial Philosophy at Play conference will take place at the University of Gloucestershire on 9 and 10 June 2015.

Regular iP-D!P readers will know that it runs occasional 'why you should read my book' articles. Well, this isn't one of those. It's a 'why you should come to our conference' one instead. Like it says in the title.

Our aim for these conferences is to bring together scholars of play and scholars of philosophy, and we are beginning to develop a wonderful international community of interest in this area. Some of the presenters may be familiar to you (as play sector people) and many won't. Our keynote speakers are:

Professor Henning Eichberg, German sociologist and historian, now teaching at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, notable for his work on philosophy of the body. His presentation is called Play and Alienation.

Stuart Lester, Snr Lecturer in Play and Playwork at University of Gloucestershire will be talking about Bringing play to life and life to play: a vitalist line of enquiry.

In addition, Malcolm MacLean and Wendy Russell, also of University of Gloucestershire, will be talking about the second book (a collection of papers from the second conference, due to be published soon). Their talk is called Slippery rules and porous limits: freedom, boundaries and the problem of subjectivity.

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Page 4     QUESTION: Opinion finder 3 - Play is understood by decision makers

Page 5     Why you should come to our conference

Page 6     Philosophy at Play confirmed papers as at 23/4/15

Page 8     Play and Education in Plato's Republic By Arthur A. Krentz

Page 17   Wrapped in wool By The Hackney Citizen

Page 19   When 'Stranger Danger' is actually the police and CPS By Katherine Martinko

Page 21   You see kids playing alone in a park, no parents in sight. What should you do? By Dave McGinn

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