SkillsActive Licence Changes

28 March 2013

SkillsActive change to licence and Playwork Partnerships

Playwork Partnerships has recently renewed its licence to be a SkillsActive Endorsed Provider which enables us to write and have endorsed CPD training courses (mapped to the Playwork National Occupational Standards) which we deliver to the Playwork sector through our staff and tutors

In the past Playwork Partnerships has been able to offer other Playwork Training Providers signed up to the SkillsActive Centre Verification Check the opportunity to deliver our SkillsActive-endorsed training through a course specific trained tutor, and offer the CPD points awarded to the training to their learners.  However the SkillsActive endorsement process has now changed and endorsed training and its accompanying CPD points can only be offered solely by the organisation endorsed by SkillsActive that owns the intellectual property of its courses.

Therefore, Playwork Partnerships can no longer offer other Playwork Training Providers the opportunity to deliver endorsed training, although those currently delivering under their Centre Verification Check can continue to do so until it expires.

In order for other Playwork Training Providers and or Tutors to deliver Playwork Partnerships' endorsed training courses they most now become part of the Playwork Partnerships Associate Trainer Scheme. This will allow tutors who are affiliated with Playwork Partnerships to deliver quality endorsed training, but under the name of Playwork Partnerships and certificated as well as quality assured under their Endorsed Provider licence and code of practice. All tutors will have to go through an application process, training and quality assurance visit.

Individual Training Providers delivering Playwork Partnerships' endorsed training through the Associate Trainer Scheme are recommended to also either hold Endorsed Provider or Compliant Provider status with SkillsActive showing employers and learners that they have sufficient quality assurance processes, occupationally competent staff and are complying to an established code of practice.

To find out more about the Playwork Partnerships Associate Trainer scheme and how to get involved visit /training-providers/get-involved.aspx

To find out more about the SkillsActive endorsement process and what it means for you visit

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