Everyone Can Play
Everyone Can Play

Course Aims and Assessment

Everyone Can Play aims to:

  • enable students to develop confidence and competence in working with disabled and non-disabled children aged 4-16 years.
  • give students an understanding of inclusive play issues and playwork values.
  • provide valuable underpinning knowledge to support students in further learning.

After completing Everyone can Play you will have explored:

  • issues of inclusion of Disabled Children in local play settings
  • the importance of policy-making to achieve inclusion
  • how to take key points from each session and share them with your co-workers
  • the importance of consulting with children


Students will recive a full Everyone Can Play certificate if they:

  • attend 80% of the tutor lead course;
  • complete a multiple-choice questionnaire set by the tutor;
  • show an awareness of playwork values;
  • show evidence of improved playwork practice.



"Enjoyed the training and I have learnt a lot and now very confident to share new skills in my setting and with other members of staff"

Sarah Moore

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