Everyone Can Play
Everyone Can Play

Course Details

The course will ask you to examine your own and other's attitudes about Disabled Adults and Children. It will not focus on finding out about specific conditions. This would support the medical model, is not acceptable to Disabled People and does not promote equality of opportunity and choice.

This Level 2 course is a 12.5 hour tutor lead course usually covered over 5 sessions of 2.5 hours. Students are also encouraged to undertake personal study and if possible visit other play settings. The sessions include:

  • Session 1 - Introduction
  • Session 2 - Disability equality
  • Session 3 - Children's well-being
  • Session 4 - Equality of Opportunity
  • Session 5 - Planning for inclusive play


Who can attend?

Anyone working in play with children who want to take an active part in making sure that non-disabled and disabled children can play together.



"It helped me to realise that I was sometimes my biggest barrier and to enjoy playwork and be excited about what I could do"

Claire Sweeting

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